Mexico Home Insurance Claims

Mexico Home Insurance Claims

Claim Telephone Numbers

AIG Seguros                          01-800-001-1300  

HDI Seguros                         01-800-470-9900 

Royal Sun Alliance (RSA)    01-800-723-7900 (Now part of SURA Seguros)

SURA Seguros                      01-800-911-7692       

  1. These numbers must be dialed from a Mexican cellular or land line only.
  2. If you do not speak Spanish, you must request an English-speaking adjuster when you call in to report an accident or a claim (theft, for example) on your Mexico Home Insurance policy. Otherwise, you will likely be provided with an adjuster who only speaks Spanish. It is the adjuster who will your home and assess damages and authorize replacement of loss or damaged items.

Report claims directly to the Mexico Home Insurance company

  • Do not call TioCorp Insurance to file your claim or to report a loss. We cannot file a report on your behalf.
  • The insurer will assign an adjuster to work with you to file and facilitate your claim.  Once your claim is assigned to an adjuster, TioCorp cannot control the process.
  • The adjuster will visit your home to assess damages and loss. It is the adjuster who will authorize and arrange for you to be paid for your claim.

However, if you experience difficulties with your assigned adjuster, please contact TioCorp Insurance and we will act as a liaison between you and the Mexico Home Insurance company to get things back on track.

Break-and Enter

If you have experienced a break-in, call police immediately and obtain a police report.

  • It is important to demonstrate to the police that there are signs of forced entry. Forced entry is essential to proving a break-and-enter crime. Leaving your doors or windows unlocked may result in Mexico Home Insurance claims being denied.

Establishing Loss Value

It is wise to have a photo album showing the contents of your home, as well as a list of electronic items (TV, stereo, computer etc) along with their serial numbers. Save receipts whenever you purchase items for your home. These are a tremendous assistance to adjusters in determining values.

  • Your Mexico Home Insurance policy may or may not provide Replacement Value. In other words, the insurance company may replace your items with new items without deducting for depreciation. This is an option on most Mexico Home Insurance policies.
  • Contact TioCorp Insurance if you are not sure if you have this optional coverage.

Acquiring Replacement Items

When purchasing replacement items that have been authorized by the Mexico Home Insurance company

  • Do not purchase replacement items without approval of the Mexico Home Insurance adjuster.
  • You must obtain an official receipt from the merchant for the purchase. This receipt is not the cash register receipt, nor is it the type of receipt you may be used to receiving when you purchase items in the USA or Canada. The only acceptable receipt is a FACTURA which is an official Mexican receipt which records the vendors tax number. Ask before you make the purchase. In Mexico, some merchants will refuse to provide a FACTURA. Without it, the Mexico Home Insurance company will not reimburse you for the purchase.

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