Mexico Health Insurance Claims

Mexico Health Insurance Claims

You MUST contact your Mexico Health Insurance company and request approval to begin a treatment regime or begin any process when you feel your policy should pay the costs. They will assign an approval code to your file. If you are unsure of how to contact your insurance provider, contact TioCorp Insurance for assistance.

Claim Telephone Numbers

PLAN SEGURO    01-800-277-1234

BEST DOCTORS  01-554-746-9789

BUPA                     01-800-326-3339 or  01-800-227-3339

Paying for Meds or Treatment

When paying for health care or medications that have been authorized by your Mexico Health Insurance company

  • Do not enter into a treatment regime or procedure without approval of your Mexico Health Insurance company.
  • You MUST obtain an official receipt from the doctor, clinic, laboratory, for all services or procedures. This receipt is NOT the cash register receipt, nor is it the type of receipt you may be used to receiving when you purchase items in the USA or Canada. The only acceptable receipt is a FACTURA which is an official Mexican receipt which records the vendors tax number.
  • Ask before you make the purchase. In Mexico, some merchants will refuse to provide a FACTURA. Without it, your Mexico Health Insurance company will not reimburse you for the purchase.

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