Mexico Auto Insurance Claims

Mexico Auto Insurance Claims

Road Side Assistance

If you require roadside assistance in Mexico, please call the appropriate toll free number below.

Mexico Accident Claims - Mexico Auto Theft Claims - Mexico Legal Assistance

Report claims directly to the Mexico Auto Insurance company.

QUALITAS 01-800-004-9600

ANA 01-800-911-2627 (or 01-800-091-2912)

ZURICH 01-800-282-0787

Do not call TioCorp Insurance to file your claim or to report an accident. We cannot file a report on your behalf.

In the event of an accident or theft in Mexico, you must file the claim while you are still in Mexico. You will be assigned a claim file number, and a local, available adjuster will be dispatched to you. If you have an existing claim (that has been filed and is being worked on) and you need help or information about its progress, TioCorp can help to act as a liaison between you and the Mexico Auto Insurance company to get things back on track.

  1. These numbers must be dialed from a Mexican cell phone or land line only.

  2. You must file a claim while you are still in Mexico.

  3. If you do not speak Spanish, you must request an English-speaking adjuster when you call in to report an accident or a claim (theft, for example) on your Mexico Auto Insurance policy. Otherwise, you will likely be provided with an adjuster who only speaks Spanish. It is the adjuster who will visit the accident site and assess damages and perhaps determine who is at fault from the Mexico Auto Insurance point of view.

  4. Your Adjuster will

    • Recommend an Auto Repair Garage. You will need two (2) estimates for the repairs, and these estimates can be from any garage (in Mexico) of your choosing.

    • Provide you with a Medical Pass to a hospital if required.

    • Recommend an Attorney to represent you and initiates the assignment of legal assistance for you.  You do not arrange for your legal assistance...the Adjuster must do that.

  5. If you are arrested as the result of an accident, and if you have Legal Protection Coverage, the Mexico Auto Insurance company will assign a lawyer to assist in your release.

Things You Must Do

  1. If you have your camera, take photos of the accident scene, the other vehicle and its licence plate, the damages.
  2. Give your location and the description of your vehicle to the Insurance Dispatcher.
  3. Do not leave your vehicle or the scene of the accident, unless it is absolutely necessary.
  4. Do not say "I am sorry" or in any way assume any responsibility, whether expressed or implied, to anyone. This may interpreted that you are assuming fault for the accident.
  5. Fill out the official Accident Report with the Adjuster and have the Adjuster assist in the documentation made by the Police.
  6. If your vehicle has been involved in a crime, a police report must be filed.
  7. Obtain and keep a business card of the Adjuster AND a copy of the Adjusters Report so that you have his or her contact information.
  8. Obtain and keep a copy of the Police Report if possible.
  9. Please provide the Adjuster with all required information, including
    • A list of optional equipment on your vehicle;
    • The odometer reading.

Uninsured Vehicles

If you have an accident with an uninsured driver, your collision coverage will protect you. See the Uninsured Driver Page

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