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Travel Insurance

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When we take trips, particularly driving, we run the increased risk of accidents. For those of us who travel to or through the U.S., we run an even greater risk...

The cost of medical treatment in the U.S. is horrific for those who need to travel there. If you were involved in a car accident and required emergency medical treatment, the cost could be a crippling blow to your savings.

One client recently told us that if he were to be involved in an accident in the U.S., his health coverage plan provided for an Air Ambulance to evacuate him out of the U.S. BUT....he never thought that his accident could be serious and leave him unable to travel by air. He also forgot that the emergency medical treatment prior to air evacuation was expensive.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance covers Medical Accidents and Emergencies when you are away from home. It is not intended to cover Elective Medical Treatments. If you are diagnosed with a serious medical problem while traveling, you are expected to return home for treatment.

Think of Travel Insurance as something that will take Care of You in an Emergency, or imminent life-threatening situation. For general health insurance, International Health Insurance is available to cover you around the world if that is your need.

Travel Insurance policies are available for periods for 1 day to months, depending upon your travel plans.

Travel Insurance is not a renewable insurance. In other words, you purchase coverage for a specific period to cover you while traveling, say 30 days.  Once the 30 days is up, your policy ends.

Travel Insurance for Travel Originating In or Out of Mexico.

Going Home for the Holidays? Traveling to Europe for a vacation?

TioCorp offers a variety of Travel Insurance options to insure you wherever you travel, for business or vacation. There are a number of Travel Insurance programs depending upon your needs and level of coverage desired. The easiest way to explore the options is to call us directly at our main office.

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