Motorcycle & Scooter Insurance

Motorcycle & Scooter Insurance

TioCorp can insure foreign and Mexican plated bikes and everyone who rides should have Mexico Motorcycle Insurance or Mexico Scooter Insurance to provide protection, especially against liability claims.  Your bike must be licenced (plated) to be insured.

Things You Should Know

  • Mexico Motorcycle Insurance coverage is not easy to obtain, with collision and theft being particularly expensive
  • The cost of motorcycle and scooter insurance is based upon value
  • Remember, you may be able to afford losing your bike, but the real risk is liability should you injure someone, or cause damage to other people’s property
  • If you are insured in Canada or the USA, your Motorcycle Insurance does not cover you in Mexico.
  • The maximum liability coverage available in Mexico is significantly lower than what you would require to ride in the USA or Canada. The legal system does not accommodate large liability claims and insurance companies design their Mexico Motorcycle Insurance policy limits accordingly.
  • When purchasing Mexico Motorcycle Insurance coverage, it is worth using a Mexico-based agency such as TioCorp with licensed bilingual agents who understand the country’s laws and systems… Far better than trying to deal with an on-line agency with no office in Mexico and with English-only service when something goes wrong.
  • Legal assistance coverage is a must-have in Mexico to deal with Napoleonic laws in the event of an accident.  At the time of an accident, it is not unusual to find that everyone involved is held in custody until matters can be sorted out.  Legal assistance is critical and legal assistance coverage is included in all of our policies.
  • Multiple-policy discounts are available to clients who purchase other insurance products with TioCorp. Please check with us for details.

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