Mexico Home Insurance

Mexico Home Insurance

If you are renting out your home or condo to snowbirds or to long-term tenants, a normal homeowners or condo policy will not work. Read about Rental Property Insurance.

Homeowners:Things You Should Know

  • Making a claim on Mexico Home Insurance Policy is more complicated than in Canada or the USA. More information is linked at the bottom of this page.
  • While many people feel that fire is not be a high risk in Mexico because buildings are built of concrete without wooden studded walls and ceilings, that simply is not true.
  • One of the risks is propane explosion, and serious fire or structural damage can result.  Building collapse is possible and has occurred.
  • Power surges and other risks are also common.  A power surge in Mexico happens almost daily in many areas and can play havoc with appliances, computers and the wiring of your home. Old and defective wiring can lead to fires within cabinets and appliances.
  • Natural disasters are far too common as well. In 2007, at Lake Chapala, dozens of homeowners were in shock to realize that they had no insurance when heavy rainfall washed away the hills surrounding their homes filling swimming pools with mud, destroying landscaping, and carrying away patio foundations.  Others discovered that their insurance companies wouldn’t cover the event, calling it a “natural disaster.  $-millions were lost...retirements were destroyed.  Don’t let this happen to you. You need a Mexico Home Insurance policy to be properly protected. Not all policies include coverage for natural disasters....our policies do.

At TioCorp Insurance, our Mexico Home Insurance policies offer

  • No deductible on building damage for normal losses such as fire
  • No deductible for fire damage to contents
  • No deductible for such things as debris removal, living expenses while your home is being repaired or rebuilt
  • Window breakage coverage is available with or without a deductible
  • Optional protection against damage to appliances and electronics due to power surges
  • Free repairs for plumbing, door locks or electrical damage due to external causes
  • Availability of earthquake, flooding and other natural disaster coverage
  • Flexible coverage amounts for contents and valuables
  • Multiple policy discounts (car, home etc)

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