Best Doctors Free Second Opinion

Best Doctors Free Second Opinion

You Can Get Free 2nd Opinions from world's best doctors on any health diagnosis

34% of medical diagnoses and 68% of treatment plans are modified by Best Doctors' experts*.  Make sure you have the right diagnosis and care plan to deal with your illness. Use Best Doctors' Clinical Advocacy for a free second opinion.

How InterConsultation™ Works

Inter-Consultation is a patented analytical process developed by Best Doctors founders at Harvard Medical School. It was created to provide the highest degree of diagnostic and treatment accuracy.

  1. The employee/Best Doctors member makes a confidential call to Best Doctors.
  2. A Member Advocate who is a Registered Nurse (RN) assumes personal responsibility for the case.
  3. Best Doctors collects all medical files, imaging studies and pathology samples (which are retested at a center of excellence).
  4. A team of Best Doctors experts conducts an in-depth analysis of the records and creates a clinical summary of the case. The clinical summary is provided to a leading expert who specializes in the member's specific condition.
  5. The expert analyses the case and provides his or her recommendation(s) via a detailed, confidential report.
  6. Best Doctors shares the report with the member and if he/she chooses, with the treating physician.
  7. Best Doctors follows up with the member to see if any other help is needed.

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