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Mexico Health Insurance and  International Health Insurance options include full-time annual coverage to protect you globally, or globally excluding the USA, or in Mexico only. There are a number of programs depending upon your lifestyle needs, preexisting conditions and level of coverage desired.  The easiest way to explore the options is to submit a completed questionnaire for a free quote. Or, contact us by email.

CAUTION:  Some "Clubs" or "Groups" offer discounted health insurance programs at lower costs. Most of these "Club" programs offer significantly less coverage than full policies. In the past, clients have found themselves without insurance when the "club" ceased operation and the insurance company cancelled policies or have insisted that new medicals be obtained to transfer from the "Club" program to a licensed insurance broker. Sometimes the client fails to pass the medical, or finds that they now pay higher premiums at the rate for their new age at the time of transfer.  Also be aware that lower "Club" coverage may mean you do not have enough coverage if you travel abroad.

PreExisting Conditions

Yes, it is true that insurance companies in one country cannot check your preexisting conditions from one country. HOWEVER...What happens if you do not declare preexisting conditions?

That depends on the preexisting condition. Here are a couple of examples:

  • If you are still being medicated for a condition, you need to declare it.
  • If you had cancer treatment 10 years ago, it is not necessary to declare....BUT..., if a tumor of a organ was removed, you nee to declare it is easily discovered in any subsequent treatment.

Things You Should Know

At TioCorp Insurance, we want you to get the right Mexico Health Insurance coverage at the right price. It is important to know the pitfalls of International Health Insurance so that you can make the right choice.

  • One of the most expensive places to have emergency health coverage is the USA. Plans are available to provide International Health Insurance coverage for everywhere with the exception of the USA, and this significantly lowers the premium. Then for those shorter visits to the USA, you can acquire temporary travel health coverage.
  • Some policies have co-insurance (you pay a deductible) for each and every medical event. Others have co-insurance once in the year regardless of how many claims are made.
  • Many Mexico Health Insurance and International Health Insurance plans have cumulative coverage limits, meaning that your insurance coverage is limited for your lifetime at whatever amount you purchased.  Each claim is added over time until you reach your plan’s total coverage.
  • You can get plans that are in full effect almost immediately.  Others have coverage that is phased in over 2-3 years. The latter option is less costly and may or may not be suitable.
  • There are some less-costly “low risk” Mexico Health Insurance plans that offer coverage to those who are in good health. Such plans generally do not accept preexisting conditions, or high-risk clients such as those who may be over-weight or have poor-health family histories. If you are in good health, this may be the choice for you.
  • Some Mexico Health Insurance and International Health Insurance plans are not renewable for life meaning that they may not be renewed after you reach a certain age.  Make sure you check before you select.
  • Many plans do not accept applications from those over the age of 60, or even if over the age of 55.  Others will accept almost anyone. Check out your options before your birthday.
  • We recommend against subscribing to those Family Health Insurance policies where the illnesses of one family member can drive up the entire policy premium. Even if everyone is healthy when applying, a sudden illness in anyone may result in higher premiums for the entire family.  Separate premiums and policies can make sense for a lot of good reasons.

Planning Health Coverage

Here is a scenario of how to plan for Health Insurance in Mexico. We will use Best Doctors as the example.

  • When there is time to plan your treatment or surgery (that is, there is time to select the doctor or hospital and be transported to it), then Best Doctors will prepay or guarantee payment so there is no upfront payment by you.... This is the usual situation for many cases. For example, you are fatigued and get diagnosed that you need bypass surgery. That surgery needs to be arranged and Best Doctors is used to coordinate.
  • Best Doctors has a list of pre-approved hospitals and care providers so when there is time, use one of these.
  • When an emergency hits, contact Best Doctors for pre-approval so that Best Doctors can negotiate with the care providers an arrange payment.
  • Have access to credit for an emergency when there is no time to transport or no time to prearrange payment. Assuming the care or treatment is covered by the policy you select, then you submit bills for reimbursement.
  • Even in a catastrophic situation, someone (a friend or companion) should contact Best Doctors while treatment is underway and they will immediately begin discussions with the care providers (hospital, doctors or whatever) and arrange payments.
  • Bottom Line.... In Mexico or when travelling anywhere, it is not unusual for doctors or hospitals to require payment upfront unless you have insurance.
  • If you cant afford or don't qualify for insurance, then you need to self-insure or stay close to home.
  • TioCorp Insurance offers BUPA, Best Doctors, Plan Seguro and others. We are licensed brokers and can design a program that works for you. Contact us for help and guidance.

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