Commercial Insurance

Coverage for your Building, Contents and Inventory.

Business insurance is gaining acceptance in Mexico, especially in the expat community where owners are more aware of the need for protection against devastating losses.

Things You Should Know

  • At TioCorp we strive to ensure that the value is underwritten at the time the policy is issued so that should you make a claim, there is no debate about the value assigned to the loss. Many companies in Mexico don’t take that extra step, leading to frustration and unnecessary loss when you need coverage the most.
  • You may lease your business location from a landlord rather than owning the property outright. In Mexico, the leaser or renter may be considered responsible for certain damages to the property.
  • As a business operator, remember that customers or visitors injured on your premises may be inclined to launch a lawsuit for liability damages. This risk increases with the percentage of clientele who are vacationers from other countries. Yes, even in Mexico, liability is costly.

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