Disclaimer: The information contained in this section may contain errors due to changes in legislation or policy contracts since the information was compiled. Efforts are made to validate the information at the time it is compiled but it may not be correct in all aspects and may become out of date. Readers are advised to read policy contracts and seek legal opinions concerning Mexico customs legislation and other laws in the applicable jurisdictions.
If you find an error or out-of-date information, please contact TioCorp Insurance.

Q. Why are TioCorp premiums lower than other companies?

A. TioCorp works only with the largest insurance underwriters in Mexico, companies such as Qualitas, which have the largest groups of insured motorist in the country. In addition, we have affiliated ourselves with one of the largest USA-based distributors of Tourist Mexican Auto Insurance in the country and our clients benefit from that group volume. Back to top

Q. How do I report a vehicle accident or make a claim?

A. See the Make a Claim page.

Q. What permits are required to drive in Mexico?

A. When you check in at the border, you will be issued a temporary import permit (TIP) with a sticker for your windshield. Aduana (Mexican customs) asks that everyone turn in the TIP when driving out of México even though you may be planning to return. Be very sure to get a receipt showing that you turned in the permit, and bring it with you if and when you do return in case their computer doesn't show that you turned it in If you entered México as a tourist with an FMM and while in country converted to Residente Temporal or Residente Permenante, you may be required to return to the border to get a new permit (TIP) before the 180-day permit (FMM) expires. There seems to be some confusion on this -- some INM offices are sending people to the border, others are issuing update letters and notifying Banjercito to preserve the bond (see below).

Since June 11, 2011, you also will be required to post a bond guaranteeing that you will remove the car from Mexico and to preserve that bond, Aduana (customs) regulations require that you notify them of any change in your visa status such as annual renewals or upgrades.

If you have posted a bond after June 11, 2011, you must notify Aduana of any change in your visa status (renewal, upgrade, etc.) in order to preserve your bond. This notification must be in the Aduana office 15 days or more before the expiration date of your visa. To be sure of meeting this vague deadline, you should plan to renew your visa at the earliest time, which is 30 days before the expiration date. As soon as you get your new visa card, file the vehicle papers with Aduana. There are present reports of delays in the transmission of data from Aduana to Banjercito where the records actually reside.

You must notify your local or area Aduana in person. Furthermore, it must be done at an Aduana office that is equipped to process the information. Unfortunately, not all Aduana offices are set up to deal with vehicle matters. Since not all offices are set up to process vehicle papers, it would seem wise to locate a participating office before the actual time of need.

If you entered before June 11, 2011, you are not required to notify Aduana of changes in your FM status. Your vehicle’s TIP will remain valid. Back to top

Q. Who can drive my foreign plated vehicle in Mexico?

A. TioCorp insured vehicles that have a Temporary Import Permit (TIP) can be driven in Mexico by the registered owner of the vehicle and immediate family members such as his or her spouse, parents and grandparents, etc, their children, their brothers or sisters, even when those relatives are not foreigners. Note that those relatives will need to carry documentation proving the relationship and that you have Residente status.

In addition, Mexicans may legally drive your car if you are in the vehicle. Foreigners who have the SAME TYPE of INM Permit may legally drive your car which means that foreigners/expats in Mexico on Residente Permanente or Residente Temporal permits may legally drive your car if you have the same type.

Note that some police officers may not understand the law so we suggest you carry a copy of the applicable sections of Article 106 in your vehicle, in both English and Spanish, since Article 106 includes this exact information. For More Information, read Driving In Mexico.

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Q. Does my USA/Canadian vehicle registration sticker need to be current?

A. Your USA/Canadian registration should be kept current if possible to avoid problems that may arise with the Mexican authorities. However, Article 106 says that your Mexican Auto Insurance policy will be valid with or without current registration provided your visa is current. Your "registration" in México is the permit you were issued at the border. EXCEPT in the Baja where you are required to have a current registration for your licence plates.

In 2005 the rules were changed a bit. Your Mexican vehicle registration window sticker is valid in MEXICO so long as your Residente status is valid, but if you leave Mexico after your original Mexican vehicle registration window sticker's expiration date you must turn in the permit and sticker at the border when you leave and buy a new permit when you return.

Note: Many of our clients have found that when registering the vehicle in South Dakota at either Clay County or Pennington County, Vehicle licence plate registration will have to be brought current prior to settlement of a total loss claim. Back to top

Q. Do I have to maintain USA/Canadian auto insurance as well as my Mexican auto insurance?

A. No, you do not need to have USA/Canadian insurance for your Mexican Auto Insurance to be valid. However, the policy you purchase from TioCorp does not cover you in the USA or Canada. If you wish to drive your vehicle into the USA or Canada, TioCorp can provide an additional rider which provides some limited protection. You can contact us for more information

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Q. Do the adjusters speak English?

A. Yes. Back to top

Q. Do you have offices all over Mexico?

A. TioCorp is an agent for the underwriter, Qualitas. We have an office in Ajijic at Lake Chapala and a number of subagents located in various cities across North America. However, Qualitas has offices and adjusters throughout Mexico. Back to top

Q. Can I insure a rental car?

A. No. Back to top

Q. Can I insure a motorcycle?

A. Yes, we can also insure a motorcycle. Medical Payments are not included with any motorcycle coverage. Back to top

Q. Am I covered if an uninsured motorist hits me?

A. If you have purchased a full coverage policy, you are covered for collision no matter if the other party is insured or uninsured. However, you need to understand how uninsured motorist coverage works in Mexico. Also Beware - not all Mexico Auto Insurance policies include uninsured motorist protection. Please see your policy for details of coverage. Back to top

Q. Is “Premium Full Coverage” a good choice to add to my coverage?

A. Yes. The Premium Full Coverage adds coverage for Vandalism, Increased Cost of Repair, and Uninsured Motorist Collision. All of which are not covered by the standard policy. Back to top