Who Can Drive Your Car in Mexico

Who Can Drive Your Car in Mexico
Disclaimer: The information contained in this section may contain errors due to changes in legislation or policy since the information was compiled. Readers are advised to read insurance policy contracts and seek legal opinions concerning Mexico customs legislation and other laws in the applicable jurisdictions.Information has been gathered from sources including YucaLandia/Surviving Yucatan © Steven M. Fry with permission.

TioCorp insured vehicles that have a Temporary Import Permit (TIP) can be driven in Mexico by the registered owner of the TIP and his (or her) immediate family members such as spouse, parents, grandparents, children, and brothers or sisters, as long as they are NOT Residenté Permanenté. Note that all relatives will need to carry documentation proving the relationship and that you have an tourist visa or are Residenté Temporal.

If you are the driver requesting the TIP, and the title of the vehicle is in the name of your spouse, child, or parents… an original birth certificate (or marriage license) must be presented.

  1. If the vehicle belongs to your spouse, you need your marriage license;
  2. If the vehicle belongs to your child, you need the child’s birth certificate naming you as the parent;
  3. If the vehicle belongs to your parent(s), you need YOUR birth certificate naming your parent(s).

In addition, Mexican nationals and a Residenté Permanenté may legally drive your car if you are in the vehicle with them. Permanent residents of Mexico cannot drive a foreign plated vehicle unless accompanied by the TIP owner.

Foreigners who have the SAME TYPE of INM Permit may legally drive your car which means that foreigners/expats in Mexico with FM3′s, (No Inmigrante permits), or with Residenté Temporal permits may legally drive your car – since those are legally equivalent to your FM3. In 2012, the visitor and residence visa categories underwent significant changes and the FM3 and FM2 visas will cease to exist; however, the SAME TYPE rule remains effective for vehicle drivers.

Note that many (most) Mexican Police Officers may not understand the law so we suggest you carry a copy of Article 106 in your vehicle, in both English and Spanish, since Article 106 contains the applicable legislation governing who may drive your vehicle. Back to top

Sections of Article 106 to Print and Carry in Your Vehicle:

Print the Spanish version for your vehicle. Keep the English version handy for reference.

Que Se Entiende Por Régimen De Importación Temporal
ARTICULO 106 de la Ley Aduanera
Se entiende por régimen de importación temporal, la entrada al país de mercancías para permanecer en el por tiempo limitado y con una finalidad especifica, siempre que retornen al extranjero en el mismo estado, por los siguientes plazos.

FRACCION IV. Por el plazo que dure su calidad migratoria, incluyendo sus prorrogas, en los casos.Las de vehículos que sean propiedad de turistas,visitantes, visitantes locales y distinguidos, estudiantes e inmigrantes rentistas, siempre que los mismos sean de su propiedad a excepción de turistasy visitantes locales. Cuando no sean de su propiedad deberán cumplirse los requisitos que establezca el Reglamento. Los vehículos podrán ser conducidos en territorio nacional por un extranjero que tenga algunas de las calidades migratorias a que se refiere este inciso, por el cónyuge, los ascendientes o descendientes del importador, aun cuando estos ultimo no sean extranjeros, o por un nacional, siempre que en este ultimo caso, viaje a bordo del mismo cualquiera de las personas autorizadas para conducir el vehiculo.
Los vehículos a que se refiere este inciso, deberán cumplir con los requisitosque señale el reglamento.


Manual de Operación para la Importación Temporal de Vehículos y Motocicletas: Articulo 17 de la Ley Aduanera
17.- El plazo para retornar los vehiculos que hubieran sido importados temporalmente al amparo de las calidades migratorias señaladas en la ley, será el de la vigencia de la calidad migratoria, sus prórrogas, apliaciones o refrendos otorgados a dichas calidades migratorial conforme a Ley de la materia.

17.1.- Para estos efectos la prórroga de la vigencia del permiso de importación temporal del vehiculo se acreditará con el documento oficial que emita la autoridad migratoria, sin que se requira autorización de las autoridades aduaneras; en este caso, el permiso de importación temporal se mantendrá vigente aún y cuando el importador haya obtenido cambio en la calidad migratoria de no inmigrante a inmigrante rentista, siempre que exista continuidad en las calidades migratorias.

17.4.- En caso de que el trámite de importación temporal se haya efectuado mediante tarjeta bancaria, y la documentación esté completa, el responsable del CIITEV de la aduana que corresponda, procederá a informa al interesado que no es necesario la presentación de dicho aviso, en virtud de que su vehiculo se encuentra legal en el territorio nacional mientras continúe vigente su calidad migratoria, incluyendo sus prórrogas, ampliaciones o refrendos.

English copies of Article 106 and Sec. 17-17.4

Customs Law: Temporary Vehicle Importation Regulations


Temporary importation is understood as the entry of merchandise into the country, which will remain in it for a limited period of time and for a specific purpose, so long as it is returned abroad in the same condition. The former applies for the following term:

PART IV. For the term of his or her migratory status, including extensions, in the following cases: Vehicles owned by tourists, visitors, local visitors and distinguished visitors, students, and immigrants who are tenants, whenever said vehicles are their own, excepting tourists and local visitors. When the vehicles are not their own, requirements established within the regulations must be met. Such vehicles may be driven within the national territory by a foreigner –the importer holding one of the migratory status referred to in this paragraph, by his or hers spouse, parents or descendants, even when the latter are not foreigners: and by a Mexican as long as one of the persons authorized to drive the vehicle travels with him or her in the car.
Vehicles referred to in this section must meet the requirements pointed out in the regulations.

Manual de Operación para la Importación Temporal de Vehículos y Motocicletas: Sec. 17-17.4
17.- The deadline to return the vehicles [that] had been imported temporarily under immigration grades defined by law, this means the effect of immigration status, extensions, or endorsements given to these qualities migratorial [types of immigration status]under the Act.

17.1.- For this purpose an extension of the duration of the temporary import permit of the vehicle will be credited with an official document issued by the immigration authorities, without the required authorization of the customs authorities, in this case, the temporary import permit will remain valid even and when the importer has obtained the change in immigration status of No Inmigrante to Inmigrante Rentista, provided there is continuity in the immigration status.

17.4 .- If the temporary importation procedure has been made by credit card, and the documentation is complete, the head of CIITEV of the customs office, shall inform the person concerned that it is not necessary to submit such notice, which is required for those with a cash deposit guarantee (referring to paragraphs 17.2 and 17.3], under as their vehicle is legal in the country while their immigration status remains in place, including extensions, extensions or endorsements.

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