Returning To Canada

Returning To Canada
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Returning to Canada

Every year some expats return home for any number of, health and the death of a partner are the most common motivators. The key questions you need to consider when it comes time to go back home are...

  • Are taxes triggered when I sell my Mexican home?
  • How do I get approved for Provincial Health Care?
  • Can I bring my car, truck or RV back to Canada?
  • What taxes are triggered?
  • How do I get a Canadian driver's licence?
  • Can I rejoin or start a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA)? Read more about the TFSA risks for non-residents.

Health Care

Some provinces will immediately provide returning Canadians with a Provincial Health Card, while others have a waiting period. If you are returning to Canada because of a serious health issue, you may want to return to a province with immediate coverage. At the time of this writing, those that had a 3 month waiting period were Ontario. Quebec, BC and New Brunswick. Read More.

Vehicles Returning To Canada

Yes, you can take your vehicle home in most cases, including Mexico Plated vehicles. In many cases, no taxes will be payable. Read More.

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