Old Age Security (OAS)

Updated: December 20, 2017

Canadian Old Age Security (OAS) - Who Qualifies?

If you apply for OAS after becoming a non-resident, you must have lived in Canada for a minimum of 20 years after your 18th birthday. This is important for non-residents because they will  have to prove that they did in fact live in Canada for those 20 years. Proof is in the form of copies of your passport with date stamps to show arrival and departure, air ticket stubs, and importantly for immigrants...you need paperwork to prove your date of arrival into Canada as a landed immigrant.

Bottom line is that you can apply for OAS after you move to Mexico, as long as you have lived in Canada for 20 years prior to your departure from Canada.

You will be asked to prove your date of departure, so you will need those plane ticket stubs or other proof. We know dozens of expat Canadians who have had difficulties because they couldn't prove their date of departure from Canada.

If you are living in Canada, you must have lived in Canada for a minimum of only 10 years after your 18th birthday.

Deferring your Old Age Security pension

As of July 2013, you can defer receiving your OAS for up to 60 months (5 years) after the date you become eligible for an OAS pension in exchange for a higher monthly amount. If you delay receiving your OAS pension, your monthly pension payment will be increased by 0.6 percent for every month you delay receiving it, up to a maximum of 36 percent at age 70.

You can apply at any time after age 65...you don't have to defer for any specific number of years.

Canadian Financial Advisors generally do not recommend that you defer payments. You are missing out on a lot of money for the years you delay, and it can take years to gain that money back when you do start at the higher income level.

Applications can be found on the Government of Canada website.

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