Canadians in Mexico

Canadians in Mexico

Canadians in Mexico®, a Division of TioCorp, is comprised of a network of trusted professionals with proven expertise to successfully plan and manage your ex-pat or snowbird lifestyle. If you are one of those Canadians who is wondering if it is advantageous to retire to Mexico, then Canadians in Mexico® can help. We can assist you in understanding:

Non-Residency Taxation

Filing Non-Resident Tax Returns

How to Establish Non-Residency

Options for Returning to Canada

Canadians in Mexico® has helped many before you find the answers for their situation, and we can help find the right answers for you. Everyone has questions that need to be addressed before moving to Mexico, especially if they are considering non-residency to escape the taxman.  Sound financial planning is essential if tax avoidance (not tax evasion) is one of your goals.

Are you a Snowbird looking for a new winter destination? Then read on.

There are many destinations in Mexico, each one offers something to differentiate itself from the others. Some are at the seaside, others such as Lake Chapala and San Miguel Allende are inland in the upper plains thus offering less humidity and perhaps a more traditional Mexican flavour. Check them out...that is the fun of planning your snowbird adventure.    

You may have heard that owning Real Estate in Mexico can be tricky, but the process is simple once you understand the system. We can direct you to professionals (real estate, lawyers and others) who can help and guide your in the rental or purchase of property in Mexico to avoid the pitfalls. Yes, you will want insurance coverage for your new home and TioCorp offers the most comprehensive coverage available today in Mexico. Read more about Home Insurance in Mexico and pay special attention to the How to Make a Claim section.

Living in Mexico can be a rewarding life experience. Mexico taxes and the cost of living are low; Mexico might just well be a small corner of your paradise. Come and enjoy your place in the sun!

Questions about moving to or living in Mexico?

Canadians in Mexico® can provide you with the answers. We assist Canadians in making sound decisions about their retirement or snowbird options in Mexico. For more information about the Rules and Logistics of Becoming a Canadian Non-Resident, go to our Canadian Non-Residency page.

Need help planning a move to Mexico? Contact a Canadian Financial Planner for advice.

Have questions, contact: Canadians in Mexico

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